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Keith Harris:

Looking forward to reading Aschoff’s book.

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“Sociologist Nicole Aschoff dissects the ruling class’s dominant narratives about capitalism – from the market-based philanthropy of the Gates Foundation, to Sheryl Sandberg’s corporatized feminism – and warns that their attempts to soften the harsh edges of capitalism only strengthens and prolongs it.”

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Roue Cyr

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The Thirteen Commandments of Neoliberalism

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Neoliberals are not fundamentalists. But they approach crises with a certain logic–one that is directly relevant to comprehending neoliberalism’s unexpected strength in the current global crisis.

via The Utopian · The Thirteen Commandments of Neoliberalism.

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Critical Geography (Mini-)Conference on ‘the minor’ — October 2015, University of Kentucky

Originally posted on For Another Critique of the Pyramid:

I am excited to see that the University of Kentucky organizers have chosen “the minor” as the theme for this year’s Critical Geography Mini-Conference. Their Call for Proposals cites Cindi Katz’s 1996 Society and Space article “Towards minor theory” as the key point of reference. Katz will be the keynote speaker. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 15.

The timing of this announcement is notable for me. My students in Urban Geography will read Katz’s article alongside excerpts from Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives for the last week of the semester (their decision from among several options). And one of my presentations for the upcoming Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago examines several examples of memory-work in Mexico City as “minor politics.” (The other presentation is part of a session described in a previous post.)

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Confrontation: Paris, 1968

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Nomad Citizenship revisited, Part Three of Three

Originally posted on Nomad Scholarship:

This is the conclusion of my nomadology of institutions; its first paragraph is a slightly rewritten version of the last paragraph of Part Two.

In a purely nomadic, purely self-organizing group (were such a thing possible), the mantle of authority would fall on whoever happened to express the becoming best suited to the event or situation at hand (even if what is “best suited” to a given situation is subject to experimentation).  Although in a sense all groups are self-organizing, groups become institutions by fixing a certain organizational form in an explicit and more or less permanent structure (by means of a charter, for instance), and as often as not by assigning specific individuals to more or less permanent positions of authority – regardless of the situation and of their expressive capacity or incapacity in relation to it.  Relative to a nomadic group, an institution run the twin risks of subordinating…

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L’horreur du Plan Voisin de Le Corbusier

Valentin Fiumefreddo’s renderings of what would have been done. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these, but based on my understanding of the plan, they seem about right.

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