Growth management, seen from the right



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Nietzsche contre Foucault Sur la vérité, la connaissance et le pouvoir (2016)

Editor: I posted up a review of this book earlier. It is attracting quite a bit of attention in France hence the repost. See the links at the end of this post Jacques Bouveresse, Nietzsche contre Foucault Sur la vérité, la connaissance et le pouvoir. Agone, 25/01/2016 Avant-propos de Benoit Gaultier et Jean-Jacques Rosat. Et si […]

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David Harvey on Deleuze and Guattari

“For Derrida is a dialectician of the highest order. So are (were) Deleuze and Guattari.”

Harvey, “On fatal flaws and fatal distractions” (1999), 558.


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Nova Alea – notes of Lefebvre

A colleague and games studies scholar from the intellectual history program where I teach recently sent me a link to the game Novo Alea, which is described thus:

For its dwellers, Nova Alea was a mixture of shelters, connections, memories, longings. For its masters, the city was a matrix of financial abstractions.

I only played for a few minutes but plan on spending some more time with it later.

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“The Coordinated City’s Mutation Machine” — dissertation now available

For anyone who has patiently kept an eye on this site as I’ve moved through the dissertation process, the full document seems to now be available through UW’s site here (abstract is there too). I’ve submitted a version of some of the empirical work and the final chapter to be published as a chapter in a forthcoming Deleuze and Architecture/Urbanism book, and am currently working some of the early material into an article on Deleuze and Guattari’s political philosophy as ontology for critical urban inquiry, that I plan to submit to City, since they published the assemblage urbanism vs critical urban theory debate that frames my work.

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The academic project I desire: finishing translations of “The Genealogy of Capital” volumes of Recherches

As I comb back through my rough translation of “La Ville-Métaphore” from volume 13 of Guattari’s journal Recherches, adding in all the quotations to the German Ideology, Grundrisse, & The Communist Manifesto that deal with the city/countryside binary, I realize that this is the exact project I want to do now:

I want to move to France and finish translating the two Genealogy of Capital volumes. I’ve made it through the Introduction to volume 13, La ville-ordinateur, Anne Querrien’s comments thereupon that did not make their way into the conversations between Deleuze, Guattari, Fourquet, and Foucault are in Semiotext(e)’s Foucault Live book, and now La ville-métaphore. Brett Mommersteeg has translated the Green Spaces essay and is working on the chapters on Medical Equipments and Educational Equipments. We’re planning on putting a proposal together toward the end of the summer, but this is what I want to keep doing…


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French movies with French subtitles?

Anyone know of any besides The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, or know how to find them without looking at the back of the box of every DVD in existence? Or maybe there’s some closed-captioning trick I don’t know about on a Mac?

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