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Take me somewhere nice

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Between Deleuze and Foucault

From Nicolae Morar’s academia.edu page:

Table of Contents:
Introduction – Nicolae Morar, Thomas Nail, and Daniel Smith

Part I Encounters
1. Deleuze and Foucault: A Philosophical Friendship – François Dosse
2. Theatrum Philosophicum – Michel Foucault
3. Michel Foucault’s Main Concepts – Gilles Deleuze
4. When and How I’ve read Foucault – Toni Negri (translated by Kristopher Klotz)

Part II Method and Critique
5. Philosophy as Cultural Critique in Foucault and Deleuze – Colin Koopman
6. Foucault’s Deleuzean Methodology of the Late 1970s – John Protevi
7. Deleuze’s Foucault: A Metaphysical Fiction – Frédéric Gros (translated by Samantha Bankston)

Part III Convergence and Divergence
8. Speaking Out For Others: Philosophy’s Activity in Deleuze and Foucault (and Heidegger) – Len Lawlor and Janae Scholtz
9. Philosophy and History in Deleuze and Foucault – Paul Patton
10. Becoming and History: Deleuze’s Reading of Foucault – Anne Sauvagnargues (translated by Alex Feldman)
11. Foucault and the Image of Thought – Kevin Thompson
12. The Regularities of the Statement: Deleuze on Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge – Mary Beth Mader

Part IV Desire, Power and Resistance
13. Desire and Pleasure – Gilles Deleuze
14. Against the Incompatibility Thesis: A rather Different Reading of the Desire-Pleasure Problem – Nicolae Morar and Marjorie Gracieuse
15. Biopower and Control Societies – Thomas Nail
16. Two Concepts of Resistance: Foucault and Deleuze – Dan W. Smith

17. Meeting Deleuze – Paul Rabinow
18. Foucault and Prison – Paul Rabinow


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People and things I want to know more about #1

Walt Whitman


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haiku #10: bushwick

Dreaming of Bushwick
Falafel with beets, divine
Be back in August

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NASS Monographs Archives online

The North American Spinoza Society is pleased to announce the digital archive of NASS Monographs. There are some excellent articles, previously unavailable.

Source: NASS Monographs Archives online

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