Read/watched oct/nov 22


Batuman, The Idiot

Antrim, The Verificationist


Atlanta S4


Point break

Licorice pizza

A rainy day in New York

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Read/watched sep 2022


Dorceta Taylor, the environment and the people

Kunzru, white tears


Atlanta S4 episodes

Miles Davis doc

American beauty

Once upon a time in America

Bonnie & Clyde

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Read/watched august 2022


Taylor, Real Life


The big short


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Read/watched July 2022

Bellow, Henderson the Rain King

Gary Indiana, Resentment

Blue velvet



Columbo and X-Files episodes

Boogie Nights

Blue Jasmine

Margin Call

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Read and watched May/June 2022

Simenon, une confidence de Maigret

Offill, Dept. of Speculation

Roth, The Human Stain, I Married a Communist

Both seasons of Mythomaniac

Atlanta S3

Dirty Harry

Joan Didion: the center will not hold

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Read/watched April 2022

Ling Ma, Severance

Simenon, Maigret et le marchand du vin

Colburn and Page, Homelessness is a Housing Problem

Didn’t watch much other than new episodes of Atlanta, an X-files or two, Nomadland (finally), and Keith Knight’s show that I keep accidentally calling The K-Chronicles even though I swear I know it’s called Woke. I was a big fan of the former 20 years ago, right when I was finishing up school, so I’m really glad he got a chance to make a show. I’ll never forget meeting him at the (old) Hugo House in Seattle; when I told him my name, he hollered out, “KEEF!”

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dabbling in GIS

Although I know my way around various engineering software, I don’t have much experience w/ GIS, outside of building up some databases of municipal wastewater systems back in the late 90s, as an intern. I never touched it in grad school and didn’t really see how powerful it was until I saw David Wachsmuth give a killer AAG talk on his AirBNB work years ago (Here’s an updated version). However, my recent forays into community-based learning have led to a wonderful partnership w/ the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict. As part of this work, we’re trying to do an inventory of the different housing types in the neighborhood, and I’ve found myself wading through King County and Census data to try to get a handle on the situation. The following screenshots represent some of the initial work.

Townhouses (darker green shows higher median income in 2019 ACS)
Brighter blue is increasing concentration of tech workers since 2011; orange circle diameter corresponds to the cost of a baseline meal at each grocery story.
Dots are DADUS, AADUS, and duplexes; darker blue is a higher median rent in 2019

The EcoDistrict is also interested in the distribution of rodent bait boxes in the 11th Ave corridor, as part of their work with the Capitol Hill Connections project w/ Seattle Audubon. We set up an ArcGIS Survey123 app on our phones to collect this…very, uh, ratty!

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Read/watched Q1 2022

Here we are, early morning 3/16/22. Winter quarter flew by, with me splitting my time between UW and my contract engineering job. It’s funny, b/c when I used to be a full-time engineer (Summer 2003 – the first week of January 2009), I progressively became more and more entranced w/ escaping, learning, reading, and teaching; even found a notepad the other day, pilfered from the office in November 2006, where I was asking myself about manifestos, expressing my curiosity about Marx, and drafting questions for a comp lit professor that I was going to meet later that day (I remember that day, how I didn’t pursue comp lit, how I took an English lit class on the modern novel, then bounced to history, then applied to a masters program in geog, didn’t pursue their offer to join as a non-matriculated grad student, then applied to the built environment phd program and got rejected but offered GNM status, then got laid off from my job, reapplied to the phd program and finally got in…that was early ‘09). All of that to say that now I have one foot in each world. People who entered grad school at the same as me are now tenured associate profs; engineers who started after I was laid off are now giving me work to do. I’ve written articles and book chapters and translated a book and taught scores of classes and won teaching and departmental awards and grants and been a good parent and I’m still going so hard that I’ve only managed to read two books this quarter:

In Defense of Housing

Leave Society

My contract as “Full-time lecturer, temporary” ends in 3 months and cannot be renewed again. My other contract at the engineering firm expires at the same time. It seems like I’m about to be a, a, a free agent?

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Read/Watched December 2021


Maggie Nelson, On Freedom


Quite a bit of Seinfeld while folding laundry

2 movies on NYE with kids: one was Middle School Sucks (or something like that) and the other was the mid-90s Beverly Hillbillies.

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Besse proofs

Super excited to have received this today!!

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