Nietzsche and the State

Chapter 3 of Anti-Oedipus relies so heavily on Nietzche’s On the Genealogy of Morals, that I’m keep this list of references on Nietzsche and the State to follow up on.;jsessionid=B09A4AF503744714E45FBE6E5124A1BA.f01t03?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

Nikolas Rose and Peter Miller, “Political Power beyond the State: Problematics of Government” (refs Z, mostly Foucauldian)

Kaufmann’s Nietzsche book

Andy Merrifield, “Lefebvre, Anti-Logos and Nietzsche: An Alternative Reading of The Production of Space

Special issue of ACME on Nietzsche and Geography?

Politics of Debt


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