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CFP: After Biopolitics conference (2015)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Call for Papers After Biopolitics The Center for Critical and Cultural Theory at Rice University will be hosting the 29th Annual (SLSA) Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference. November 12-15, 2015 at the…

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Conspicuous construction

Originally posted on Real-World Economics Review Blog:
from David Ruccio According to Kate Briquelet, The high times aren’t going away in New York. The city of just six years from now will be dramatically taller, with a series of luxury high-rises…

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Whyte: “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces”

This video appears online and disappears rather frequently, but you can download it on the vimeo site.

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[Re]Build: A Call for Contributors and Participants

Originally posted on synthetic zerø:
Shock and austerity. Stock market instability. Stagnant wages and the decline of purchasing power. War. Climate change. Despite these multiplying crises, capitalism retains an essential tool that allows itself to perpetuate itself on a global…

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3-minute Thesis Presentations

While finalizing a syllabus for my spring quarter class, I was thinking I wanted students to do short presentations during our final exam period. Dividing the length of the period by the number of students currently enrolled, I realized that … Continue reading

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Originally posted on AGENT SWARM:
Les anglais schizos dans la vie quotidienne et cartésiens dans la théorie, les français cartésiens dans la vie quotidienne et schizos dans la théorie? Très intéressante ébauche d’une typologie comparative des cultures. Under-standing the English.

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Originally posted on AGENT SWARM:
The book, whose title is a question, begins in the modality of uncertainty: “Peut-être ne peut-on poser la question Qu’est-ce que la philosophie? que tard, quand vient la vieillesse, et l’heure de parler concrètement”. “Perhaps…

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Seven upgrade strategies for a problematic article or chapter

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
Some interesting writing and publishing advice here. Here’s the heavily compressed version: Do one thing well. Flatten the structure. Say it once, say it right. Try paragraph re-planning. Make the motivation clearer. Strengthen the argument…

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Steve Pinker is a blinkered twit!

Originally posted on synthetic zerø: via John Gray does not share in the common assumption that scientific development is connected to moral progress. He imagines the replacement of ancient prayer-wheels with … an electronic tablet containing inspirational statistics…

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Boğaziçi Chronicles, Interview with Michael Hardt: Empire, Sovereignty and New Struggles

A new portion of an interview with Hardt is up at the Boğaziçi Chronicles site. The full interview (pdf) is here.

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