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“Geopolitical bodies, material worlds” – New book series at Rowman and Littlefield International

Having just submitted a book review of John Protevi’s Life, War, Earth to CITY, the announcement of this series piqued my attention. “Geopolitical bodies, material worlds” — edited by Ian Klinke and Jason Dittmer. This series publishes studies that originate … Continue reading

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Sisters of Chaos and More: Deleuze (and Guattari) Conference List 2015

Originally posted on Drops of Experience:
After a month and a half absence from blogging here, I present what has become one of this blog’s most popular reoccurring posts – the annual Deleuze conference list for 2015. There is a…

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Rabinow on the radio, on ‘Foucault and the contemporary’

Originally posted on Pop Theory:

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