To-Read List (out of date)

Straight from Zotero, so please pardon any formatting errors. Comments, critiques, suggestions, and resources are always appreciated.
  • Aguiar, Luis L. M, Patricia Tomic, and Ricardo Trumper. 2005. “Work hard, play hard: selling Kelowna, BC, as year‐round playground.” Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 49 (2) (June 1): 123-139.
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  • England, Jennifer. 2004. “Disciplining Subjectivity and Space: Representation, Film and its Material Effects.” Antipode 36 (March): 295-321.
  • Fainstein, Susan S. 1994. The City Builders: Property, Politics, and Planning in London and New York. Studies in urban and social change. Cambridge, MA ; Oxford, UK: Blackwell.
  • Hackworth, Jason, and Neil Smith. 2001. “The changing state of gentrification.” Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 92 (4) (November): 464-477.
  • Hardt, Michael, and Antonio Negri. 2011. Commonwealth. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, April 15.
  • Jaworski, Adam, and Crispin Thurlow. 2011. Semiotic Landscapes: Language, Image, Space. Continuum,
  • Kress, Gunther. 2009. Multimodality: A Social Semiotic Approach to Contemporary Communication. Routledge,
  • Lecercle, Jean-Jacques. 2002. Deleuze and Language. Palgrave Macmillan
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  • Weiss, Marc A. 1987. The Rise of the Community Builders: The American Real Estate Industry and Urban Land Planning. The Columbia history of urban life. New York: Columbia University Press.

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