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3 MORE TRAITS (12,13, 14) OF CONTINENTAL PHILOSOPHY: Alterity, Pluralist Dialectics, and Transformations of the Subject

Originally posted on AGENT SWARM:
I have been using the Chomsky/Zizek divide as a catalyst for a more general discussion. Chomsky and Zizek are involved in a battle over the criterion of truth (and thus over the criterion of ideology).…

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Independent Art Support

My office mate and friend here in Seattle is an independent filmmaker who is currently making a push to fund part of his project through Kickstarter. Take a look at the video below and make a pledge if you feel … Continue reading

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More advice

“Better to be a tiny quantum flow than a molar converter, oscillator or distributor!” (A Thousand Plateaus, 226)

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Foucault and Deleuze. Commentary on the Critical Theory site

Originally posted on Foucault News:
13 Things You Didn’t Know About Deleuze and Guattari – Part III Some interesting anecdotes #11 Foucault saw Deleuze as a rival Some may find it surprising that the author of “Anti-Oedipus’” glowing introduction kind…

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Capitalism and the Earth – Punctum Books

Originally posted on GAPING EARTH:
I am excited to announce that the ever-brilliant Nigel Clark, Arun Saldanha and Kathryn Yusoff are editing a book entitled Capitalism and the Earth to be published with Punctum Books next year. It will build…

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On Journal Rankings

Following up on a previous post, I came across this short editorial by the ACME editorial collective regarding the politics of journal rankings.

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Guattari’s Schizoanalytic Cartographies

Originally posted on Continental Drift:
or, the Pathic Core at the Heart of Cybernetics [This text was developed through a large number of improvised presentations. Thanks to all who listened and responded. The very first, in Chicago at the invitation…

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Urban Theory and Schizonomadology

Everybody’s doin’ it! No, not schizonomadology, but posting their papers from the Deleuze Studies conference (Mark’s is here, Cheryl’s is here). This is also a draft of what I will be working into a book chapter for a volume that … Continue reading

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On Rejecting Journals

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
Any excuse for an André Kertész image. Yesterday, in an act of minimal defiance, I declined a request for peer review on the grounds that the journal was owned by Taylor and Francis,…

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Lacan 101

Can anyone vouch for any of the suggestions on this list or offer anything better? I’m inclined to read the Borch-Jacobsen book since he’s at UW and I could probably ask him for some guidance. Or even better: is there … Continue reading

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