Post AAG 2013 fragments

A place to keep quick notes on panels/panelists/references/ideas to follow up on:

Eric Sheppard:

global north/south not a helpful dichotomy; both exist everywhere.

not ready to give up on idea of constituted outside.

history/geohistory 1  & 2 (building on idea of developmentalism and dipesh chakrabarty)

dissensus (though he didn’t refer to ranciere)

Jennifer Robinson

Benjamin on “now” (vs. new) — Arcades N2a, 3

pushing for comparative urbanism (launching, tracing, composing); paying particular attention to conditions of ‘launchpad’ (positionality, for example)…not sure i see d&g-ian impulse in launching but definitely abstract machine for tracing and plane of immanence for composing.

Referred to Jane M Jacobs paper session I missed on urban diff and rep(!)

creating analytical constellations (comparative urbanism)

become accustomed to a wider variety of “theoretical pleasures”

Ananya Roy

“Genre” of urban studies writing perhaps too closed; paying attention to representation.

searching for geographic signifiers of theory

locatedness of all theory (~robinson)

mentioned deleuze explicitly: multiplicity, relationality, diverse elsewheres

also frustrated with developmentalism: (cap T) Theory vs. (lowercase e) ethnography

refs Nancy Fraser’s Scales of Injustice

all-affected vs. all-subjected principles..rejects former and focuses on morally relevant relations; latter: all whom are subjected to particular modes of governance — restless, anxious, bankrupt urbanisms

think beyond disarticulated subjects (that neolib is always focusing on) — multitude? (she doesn’t mention)

Bob Catterall: are urban theorists sufficiently reflective? do they read widely enough? (minoritarian…Roy mentioned this w/r/t genre, Robinson w/r/t international journals not being a good outlet for some of the local writing)

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