Harvey visualizes capital at Oxford

Here’s the video of Harvey’s talk at Oxford a couple of weeks ago, again focusing on his ‘Marx project’ and related adventures in the theory of value. Although his presentations are frequently based on implicit conceptual diagrams it’s relatively rare to see him using actual slides and graphs as he does here. So much to […]


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Petit-bourgeois fascists, brutal militiamen, and moralizers

Besse, pg. 89 (Four pages from the end of my rough translation!):

I enter a café across from the Odéon and order my first beer since Saturday. Everyone working there has the dirty look of petit-bourgeois fascists, brutal militiamen, and moralizers. They look me up and down and one of them slams the beer down in front of me.

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A few reasons I love teaching about cities in CHID

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Jacques Besse on morning


My first pass at translating a beautiful passage from page 70-71 of La Grande Pâque:

It is after 6:30 in the morning. I take rue de l’École-de-Médecine. Oddly enough, I feel very close to where I am: I dream less and I am closer to mankind on the surface of the earth than to the sea creatures at great depths. I must admit that nature plays its part. The most beautiful creations of painters and filmmakers pale in comparison to the joy I take in this fact. In the damp and light silence of early morning, the layers of sky take a break from running around slowly in airy circles. The houses take the blame for their gray edges lingering without friction above blue-green vaults. The cold light enjoys the sudden warmth of time. The slabs of sidewalk lightly curving toward the center of the street straighten up as I pass by, but without me feeling a movement that I can describe. What is there other than positivity? We are without tools, without compasses, without levels – their inventors hide or are hidden, and so am I. The lenses for surveying and the electronic noses perhaps rotting in dusty corners, like me in the streets.

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Intervention Symposium – “Did We Accomplish the Revolution in Geographic Thought?”

44 years ago we published David Harvey’s essay “Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Theory in Geography and the Problem of Ghetto Formation”. Taking geographers to task, demanding some serious self-criticism, it was subject to its fair share of discussion and debate then, has re-appeared in a few venues over the years (from Harvey’s own Social Justice and the City, […]


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Claire Colebrook: “Sex and the (Anthropocene) City”

Available here.

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