Michel Rostain on CERFI’s work commune

I’ve been reading Janet Morford’s 1985 thesis on CERFI, which is full of excellent interviews with CERFI members. I’ll keep posting these short translations as I finish them:

Well, there was an alternative intellectual environment that must be understood. At the end of the 1960s, there was a wave of communes in France, as in the United States. So, we, instead of making a commune around everyday life – that is, a house in which everyone lived, and pretty uncomfortably – we made a work commune. We made a work commune by saying: “Okay, we are intellectuals, but instead of working in a scattered way, with each of us in our own government agency, school, or whatever, we’re going to pool our labor power, negotiate with it, and sell it. And then we will share the money that we earn – this will help us develop our ideas, our labor power, our movement as a movement.” It was really important, you know. I think the idea was something like this.

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