Guattari on Recherches/Urbanism

Working on my RGS-IBG paper, I came across and did a quick translation of this brief comment from the editorial to the second issue of Recherches, in which Guattari* is responding to confusion over the first issue.

Recherches is a means of expression for any group working in a part of the social field that is oriented toward analyzing the institutions into which each of us is inserted, and in which each of us accepts being constantly interpellated by other groups established in other sectors. This is to say that questions of architecture or urbanism, for example, are not simply the affairs of technicians shut away in their disciplinary fields, but rather that they concern psychiatrists, teachers, economists, and film directors. The rule of the game is what follows: everyone speaks their own language without making concessions, without shame, and without any social compromises that give the illusion of comprehension but which cause each person to withdraw into their own system and into their “truth,” as if it could be shared according to the university’s “Human Sciences” classification table.”

*Update: I just realized that the editorial is unsigned but I presume, perhaps wrongly, that it was  written by Guattari, who managed the first five issues.

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