Don’t mind me, I’m just teaching a bunch and reading Modiano

The adjunct life — want to know how you get “stuck” in it? You teach so much that you don’t have any time to do any original research, let alone find and apply for jobs. I’m not complaining though, because I have it pretty good…and by skipping out on all that time researching, I have some space in my life to read more fiction. My current obsession is Modiano and I’m reading it in French, which is beyond satisfying. I picked up Le Quartier Perdu and Dans le Café de la Jeunesse Perdue a few months ago and randomly grabbed the former on Sunday before taking a walk. I finished it Tuesday night on the train ride home (after teaching two classes on two campuses, one to freshmen and the other to PhD students) and I am now nearing the halfway point of the latter. I plan on making another run to the bookstore that carries the used Folio editions tomorrow and picking up everything they have.

But in all seriousness, I am still trying to keep some research projects moving along. It’s just hard to focus on anything when Sunday through Thursday are filled with prep, teaching, and grading, and Fridays are spent meeting with students whose theses and senior projects I am advising. But I guess I have managed to write out a ten-page Swedish job application, put some final touches on a book proposal (translations) that’s been sitting around for months, and print out some articles to read for a conference paper/article that needs to get written soon…this clearly isn’t the path to ever finding a legitimate academic position, but sometimes I wonder if that’s really worth pursuing these days…

Am I stuck or am I free?

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