Jacques Besse — a schizo on a walk

besse“The women are not the only ones who reject me. The north refuses me and I do not make it to the Seine. I turn onto the rue des Beaux-Arts to trudge back toward the Luxembourg Gardens. I will find a bench there and will perhaps see the situation more clearly. It is around 3 pm” (Besse 1999 [1969], 31, my translation).

I’ve been slowly making headway on a translation of Jacques Besse’s novella La Grande Pâque, which informed Deleuze and Guattari’s comments in Anti-Oedipus about the schizo out for a walk:

“In a great book by Jacques Besse, we encounter once again the double stroll of the schizo, the geographic exterior voyage following nondecomposable distances, and the interior historical voyage enveloping intensities: Christopher Columbus calms his mutinous crew and becomes admiral again only by simulating a (false) admiral who is simulating a whore who is dancing” (87).

I am about a third of the way through the translation, which presents a unique set of challenges: first, it’s fiction so the language is much different than the theory that I am more accustomed to translating, but second, it is nothing if not a map of intensities. The references to historical events, religious imagery, the geography of Paris, the changing states of Besse’s nerves, etc., careen across the pages. A great book, indeed.


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  1. schiogirl says:

    More of this and less theory adds energy, lines, forward marches, less retreats. Not wasting time the little there is in the capitalist subjunction, ___ O paranoid levi byrant &others stealing thoughts and time, wrecking the flows, jerking off salts of lies, lieth the dead bone. Body without organs fk them. We crave repression not depression, Our big Easter. More of that adding lines of bunchs of energy and

  2. schiogirl@gmail.com says:
  3. schiogirl@gmail.com says:

    Ps I also think if you are going to have comments really you ought to go all out and have no moderation. Moderation is a bourgeois notion, truly. the worst you will get is a bit of spam and that can be stopped with filters, but comments and comments on blogs works one of two ways, have them or don’t have them. You can’t have it both ways like a Hegelian. Wrtiting on blogs is a flow if not it’s a blockage adding moderations is merely another locking down even of one’s own paranoias. In any eventure, have them or don’t but really it does not come across as very intelligent moderating .

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