Spinoza après Marx, ou le problème de l’ontologie marxienne

Hulak’s article is in French on cairn.info but the English abstract is pasted below.

Why does the idea of a « spinozist » Marx seem so obvious nowadays, while there is no agreement at all about the features of this « spinozism », and although Marx was not much interested in the philosophy of Spinoza ? We will study the few occurrences of Spinoza in the work of Marx, and then focus on two opposite interpretations of his « spinozism » – one based on Althusser, that displays a structuralist, rational and atheistic reading of Spinoza, and another one based on Negri, that shows a subjective, powerful philosophy of Spinoza, grounded on imagination. Our contention is that the reference to Spinoza seemed necessary to these authors because it allowed them to develop a reading of Marx that is not hegelian but still upholding a revolutionary ontology. We will also sustain that the philosophy of Spinoza eventually resist to these attempts to integrate it to a marxian perspective.

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