Green Spaces [Informal Translation]

a posteriori urban

Below, I will post an informal and draft translation of a programmatic piece, probably a basic outline for a future study that didn’t take place, on what the author refers to as “green spaces”. This small essay was published in the journal Recherches, which was the journal of an interdisciplinary research collective founded by Félix Guattari in the 1970s, Cerfi, or the Centre d’Études, de recherches, et de formation institutionelles.

I am particularly interested in their sort of guiding concept, équipements collectifs, which we can understand as institutions or infrastructures (hospitals, schools, roads, but also maybe marriage); the essay that I translated focuses on the idea of ‘green spaces’ as collective equipment. For instance, how parks become an object of policy and politics, and how they have a normalising function. This essay comes from the thirteenth issue of the revue Recherches entitled, “Genealogie du Capital: vol. 1: les équipements du pouvoir”.

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