Alain Aptekman recounts an interesting anecdote about Deleuze’s attitude to “schizos”:

“One day, Félix, Arlette Donati, Gilles, and I were eating at Dhuizon and we got a call from La Borde saying that a guy had set fire to the chateau chapel and run off into the woods. Gilles blanched, I froze, and Félix called for help to find the guy. At that point, Gilles said to me, ‘How can you stand those schizos’? He couldn’t bear the sight of crazy people” (François Dosse, in Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Intersecting Lives).

I see nothing negative or self-contradictory in this anecdote. Unless being afraid of psychotics and of their unpredictable and sometimes dramatic behaviour is to be deemed contemptible. To each his or her preferences and commitments. Being in an establishment, as Guattari was, where one had to be constantly ready to drop everything to deal with disturbing or…

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