‘No Posthumous Publications’ – responses to some questions about Foucault and the future publication of the History of Sexuality Vol IV

Progressive Geographies

In the German interview with Daniel Defert I linked to earlier this week, it was revealed that the fourth volume of Foucault’s History of Sexuality will eventually be published. This is my attempt at answering some of the common questions – some I’ve received by mail, twitter, etc. and some that have been asked before.

Didn’t Foucault want ‘no posthumous publications’?

– yes, but this wish has been interpreted more and more liberally over the past several years, and has been broken repeatedly recently, so this is not surprising. Dits et écrits in 1994 was a literal following of the wish – a posthumous collection, but only of pieces which were published in some form in his lifetime, or a few which were authorised but appeared later due to publishing delays. It brought a number of pieces into/back into French which had been published in other languages. But it missed a few…

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