List of What We Know the NSA Can Do. So Far.

Deterritorial Investigations

(Thanks to Jody Avirgan , based on Edward Snowden’s Docs)

  • – It can track the numbers of both parties on a phone call, as well location, time and duration. (More)
  • – It can hack Chinese phones and text messages. (More)
  • – It can set up fake internet cafes. (More)
  • – It can spy on foreign leaders’ cell phones. (More)
  • – It can tap underwater fiber-optic cables. (Clarification: Shane Harris explains that there were reports the NSA was trying to tap directly into cables using submarines, but is now more likely trying to intercept information once it has reached land.) (More)
  • – It can track communication within media organizations like Al Jazeera. (More)
  • – It can hack into the UN video conferencing system. (More)
  • – It can track bank transactions. (More)
  • – It can monitor text messages. (More

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