17 hours left in NYC

As I wait for my clothes to dry at the Bushwick Mega Laundromat (or something like that), my mind has been wandering from the book I’m reading (Althusser’s On the Reproduction of Capitalism) to everything I’ve seen and done here over the last three weeks. In a roughly chronological order, and not differentiating between official class trips and my own wandering, here are some highlights:

Explored Lower East side and Tenement Museum, walked across the Williamsburg bridge, established a Spanish-speaking relationship at local bodega (“Are you from Spain?” the old Puerto Rican man asked), had several meals at Marshall Berman’s favorite diner, saw Baumbach’s new movie, visited lower Manhattan for the first time (Wall Street replete with scars from Anarchist bombings, WTC, even saw two Keith Haring sculptures), went to Liberty and Ellis Islands, saw Koenig’s sculpture in Battery Park that was damaged by collapsing towers on 9/11, went to the Strand, MoMa, the Met, and the Frick collection, walked the High Line on a tour and just exploring, went to the Whitney (saw my first Basquiat painting in real life), passed four sites related to Henry Miller (2 former homes still standing, 1 replaced by a school, and 1 home of his first love), went to City College and heard Toni Griffin speak, saw where Kerouac finished On the Road, saw an off-Broadway show (Whorl Inside a Loop), went to a preview of an experimental theater group’s new show (Fondly, Collette Richland), read or finished three books (Lispector, Aschoff, Massumi), sent fellowship application to Brussels, met with a Columbia grad student who was proofreading my Fourquet and Murard translation, took students to the Center for Urban Pedagogy, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went to see the philharmonic play the score to On the Waterfront (with film playing above them), hung out in Union Square, met a CUNY grad student who studies the Port Authority, made three trips to Queens, took a walking tour of Greenpoint, went to Columbia’s campus/bookstore and Grand Central, ate Hungarian pastry, found a coffee shop where they double stamp my loyalty card regularly, had lunch across from Basquiat’s last studio, walked through Chinatown and Little Italy, sat in front of Guggenheim (didn’t go in), had a beer at the White Horse Tavern, saw Jane Jacobs’s house, walked around Hudson Yards, visited a friend on the 26th floor of a midtown high rise, strolled through Washington Square Park and saw the solemn Asch Building, and much more…tonight I’m going to see Pinter’s Old Times (music by Thom Yorke) then I fly out of Newark at 6 AM. Seattle sure is going to feel sleepy…

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