Academic Trickery!

François Dosse (2011, 71):

“In 1969, before the definitive end of their friendship, Lacan played a characteristic trick on Guattari, who had written an important text that was a crucial response to the reigning structuralist paradigm. In the paper, “Machine and Structure,” written initially as a presentation for the Freudian School of Paris, Guattari used categories developed in Deleuze’s 1968 Difference and Repetition and which became the fundamental basis of their earliest discussions and eventual collaboration. The paper particularly im- pressed Roland Barthes, who asked Guattari to let him publish it in Communications. Guattari talked to Lacan about it while he was on the couch, but the master was indignant: What? Why not publish it in his journal, Scilicet? Lacan ordered his patient to choose his camp. Guattari was forced to comply and asked Barthes to remove his text from the issue. Lacan never published Guattari’s text, which eventually came out in Jean Pierre Faye’s Change in 1972.”

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