CLEARING DELEUZE: Alexander Galloway and the New Clarity


AS: What do you think of Alexander Galloway’s comments on forgetting Deleuze?

TB: I can only sympathise with him. Galloway seems to regret having wasted much of his time reading a lot of media theorists, no doubt for professional reasons, who make very uninformed use of Deleuze. His head seems to be in a mess at present: he can’t decide whether he is against “Deleuzianism”, or against 1972 Deleuze and in favour of 1990 Deleuze, or in favour of a paltry cluster of Deleuzian values that Laruelle rather than Deleuze gives us the means to think through. Maybe a close reading of Laruelle’s CHRISTO-FICTION would get rid of his confusion.

AS: Are you calling Alexander Galloway, one of the founding members, along with Eugene Thacker, of the New Clarity, “confused”?

TB: There is quite a lot of confusion in Galloway’s discussion of Deleuze. As I have already mentioned, he confuses…

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