Learning Basque

I spent five and a half years of my twenties working in engineering offices among some of the least curious people I’ve ever met: the least willing to experiment with their own lives, the least open to critical thinking…but last night, in a dream, I was transported back to my cubicle. Our team leader came over to talk to Jeb, who sat in the next cubicle over and, unbeknownst to me, had requested some time off to go to Spain and learn Basque.

Boss: “Why do you want to do this now, we’re so busy?”

Jeb: “It’s just something I want to do.”

Boss: “But why Basque, why do you need to know Basque?”

(I turned around, surprised, excited)

Jeb: “I just do, I’ve been practicing since February.”

Me (elated): “Seriously?! Say something, say the months of the year.”


The boss stomped off and I woke up laughing.

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