Day one in the Foucault archive at UC Berkeley

Progressive Geographies

416WWM6N5ELToday was my first day doing work on Foucault in the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. Alain Beaulieu wrote a useful guide to “The Foucault Archives at Berkeley”, in Foucault Studies in 2010, and much of what they have is also available at IMEC.

But there are some surprises still, including the manuscript page of this image – the original is black on white.  It’s included in a confusingly labelled file: “Preface and Introduction to ‘Genealogy of Ethics’, with notes [n.d.]” (BANC 90/136z 1:13).

Actually what is in this file is the conflation of two things. Why these two quite different materials, in form, content, provenance and destination, are in the same folder is not at all clear. The first part is a draft of the Preface and Introduction to the second volume of the History of Sexuality. As the same material is in the Bibliothèque Nationale I can date it…

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