[Re]Build: A Call for Contributors and Participants

I like everything about this [Re]Build idea. I am particularly interested in translating right now, especially from French, which I’m trying to learn for a handful of reasons, so I would be up for making connections on that front (intersections of critical theory and urban theory). I am also interested in a lot of the rumblings I’m reading about the Right to the City, and intersections with Deleuze, Guattari, and Foucault from South America (and my Spanish is better than my French). I’m also interested in ways to “put down roots” in cities, as evidenced by a little thought experiment here…on that note, I actually also have a Master’s degree in structural engineering, if there are others out there who want to talk about pooling practical capacities.

synthetic zerø


Shock and austerity. Stock market instability. Stagnant wages and the decline of purchasing power. War. Climate change. Despite these multiplying crises, capitalism retains an essential tool that allows itself to perpetuate itself on a global level despite its internal contradictions: the ability to leverage technological developments to liquidate the political power of those who would oppose it. At such a crossroads, when labor as an organized force is being dissolved into flexible precarity, how does one attempt to tip the scales and reverse our accelerating fragility? The answer lies in a shift of focus, from a politics of power to a politics that looks critically at infrastructure, a politics of re-purpose, (re-)design, appropriation and the reclamation of space, and of new forms of economic expression.

What the future will be, or whatever name we want to label the path to it, there is one realization that is facing us: it…

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3 Responses to [Re]Build: A Call for Contributors and Participants

  1. edmundberger says:

    Hi Keith, thanks for your interest in [Re]Build! Do you want to be on the email list as we move forward? If so, just shoot me an email over at edmund.b.berger@gmail.com

  2. dmf says:

    thanks Keith we hope this will leap over the usual structural barriers in the academy to being multi (or at least inter) disciplinary and for now will be trying to gather resources on Det-Unit until we can come to some collective sense of what might be the best vehicle/clearing-house/hub

  3. Keith Harris says:

    Thanks for the comments. I just sent Edmund a message and am looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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