Mental Life in the Metropolis -Nikolas Rose

synthetic zero

“URBAN BRAINS, URBAN LIVES AND THE EMBODIMENT OF URBANICITY: How does the experience of urban living get under the skin? How do different forms of urban life shape body and soul, mental life, mental health, mental distress? This question has a long history in social thought from George Simmel and Walter Benjamin to the ‘Chicago School’. It was crucial to early sociological attempts to chart the distribution of mental disorder across urban space. But from the 1960s onwards, accounts of the distribution, causes and consequences of social suffering proceed without much attention to how these got ‘under the skin’ and the stance of sociology to psychiatry transformed from alliance to critique. Professor Rose argues that the time is right to revive this relationship between the human sciences and the life sciences.
A new biology is taking shape in neuroscience and in genomics in which vitality and milieu are understood in…

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