Foucault and Neoliberalism–Some helpful links


An und für sich announced it will host a roundtable discussion on Foucault and neoliberalism occasioned by Daniel Zamora’s interview at Jacobin critiquing Foucault as a proto-neoliberal. Like the biannual Heidegger affairs, this seems to be something that has gone on every few years since Maoist critiques of Foucault in the mid-70s when, aghast, someone discovers Foucault wasn’t a Marxist (as he makes clear in Discipline and Punish and elsewhere he thinks capitalism is the result of power/knowledge shifts he is analyzing, such as disciplinary and bio-power, not the latter’s cause). AUFS says the writers will respond to Daniel Zamora’s original interview at Jacobin and include Verena Erlenbusch (Memphis), Gordon Hull (UNCC), Thomas Nail (Denver), and Johanna Oksala (Helsinki). In addition to the helpful links on the AUFS announcement page, there’s (via Stuart Elden) Étienne Balibar on Foucault’s La société punitive and his relation to Marx, with a response from Judith Butler (audio files). as well…

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