The Poet and the Assassin: Control and Cosmos in “A Thousand Plateaus”

Deterritorial Investigations

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The two volumes of Capitalism and Schizophrenia have been read many ways: a critique of psychoanalysis, an exercise in nomadic thought, a foreshadow of chaos theory and the sciences of complexity, holistic texts packed with hermetic encoding. Anti-Oedipus in particular has been singled out as an exercise in dark philosophy in the debates raging over Accelerationism – its Nietzschean zeal for destruction and its prioritization of capitalism’s decoding flows. In this backwards-grafting of Lyotard’s Libidinal Economy onto the text, A Thousand Plateaus often gets left out in the cold, more suitable for liberalized humanities studies as it is, particularly for Nick Land, a moralizing misstep and pivot away from Anti-Oedipus’s thirst for annihilation.

We should remember that the Capitalism and Schizophrenia project is first and foremost a radical text that makes its central concern revolution against state and capitalism, one that is looking for exit points after all the…

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