Michel Foucault: “In a sense, I am a moralist.” (1980)

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This interview with Michel Foucault, titled “Power, Moral Values, and the Intellectual” dates back to November 3, 1980. According toStuart Elden, “because it was published after Foucault’s death, it was deemed to be a ‘posthumous publication’ and therefore not included in ‘Dits et écrits,‘” a compilation of Foucault’s shorter writings in French. It remains one of Foucault’s lesser-known interviews.

In it, Foucault speaks with then UC Berkeley  graduate student Michael Bess. Bess is now a professor at Vanderbilt University. Foucault distances himself from some common misconceptions about his work. Namely, that he’s an amoral anarchist (fun fact:Noam Chomsky once referred to Foucault as the most amoral person he’s ever met).

Reaf the full interview:



Question: You were saying a moment ago that you are a moralist. . . .


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