Important petition in support of UW Custodians!

I don’t typically post this kind of stuff but it seems important, especially when my college’s outgoing dean made $260,172 in 2011. Here’s the link to salaries if you’re interested.

University of Washington - Disorientation

Please send your signature (name, phone, email, UW affiliation if applicable) to:

We, the undersigned UW Facilities employees:

• Urge UW Facilities Administration to support a fair contract for their front line employees. We strongly support both the mission of our department and the University of Washington; but more must be done to ensure that our department can recruit, reward and retain staff devoted to quality services to the UW community.

• Advocate for a contract that reflects
the critical importance of our work. Our dedication helps make the UW a top-notch institution for education and research. It’s about quality services for students.They face high tuition costs; they deserve the value we provide.

A strong contract to achieve those goals should include:
– Fair compensation. That includes fixing the growing wage gap between front-line employees and management;
– Respect our need for work/ life balance. Increasingly management is…

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