Economy of the War Machine (Part I of IV)

speculative materialism

Part I. An Introduction to the economic model proposed in A Thousand Plateaus

Did you know that in Chapter 9 of A Thousand Plateaus Deleuze & Guattari outline an ordinal concept of value aligned with, in continuation of, and subsidiary to that which is developed throughout the heterodox economic project that is Deleuze’s oeuvre? Or that in Chapter 1 (Introduction: Rhizome) of TP D&G outline three models of economics, prioritizing development of the third model over the other two; and then in Chapter 12 (Treatise On Nomadology –the War Machine) elaborate first a sketch –part history, part non-fiction, at times approaching science fiction– what an actualization of this third model might involve, and second an itemization of some issues to address when attempting to move forward or even implement its notion. Chapter 9 (Micropolitics & Segmentarity) then –or rather the concept of ordinal value outlined in Chapter 9– acts as…

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