Constituting Another Foucault Effect. Foucault on States and Statecraft

Bob Jessop

This on-line version is the pre-copyedited, preprint version. The published version can be found here:

‘Another Foucault effect? Foucault on governmentality and statecraft’, in U. Bröckling, S. Krasmann, T. Lemke, eds, Governmentality: Current Issues and Future Challenges, New York: Routledge, 56-73, 2010.[1]


“In the two volumes of his lectures of 1978 and 1979, we see Michel Foucault making a major intellectual change of direction, moving away from an analysis of power as the formation and production of individuals towards an analysis of governmentality, a concept invented to denote the ‘conduct of conducts’ of men and women, working through their autonomy rather than through coercion even of a subtle kind. Out of this concept and the extended analysis of political economy which provides the material for its elaboration, Foucault never produced a published work. […] This however did not prevent this concept of governmentality from meeting with great…

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