Chapter 23.48 Seattle Mixed Feelings

bookmark. valdez loves being called things like a “density pimp,” so go ahead, call him a “purveyor of the finest neoliberal urban policies” and watch him smile.

Seattle's Land Use Code

Seattle has a long and storied history with private developers similar to many other cities on the West Coast. In fact, the founders of Washington and other states in the region were so worried about private railroad developers using the public’s credit to finance their projects, they wrote a prohibition against the use of public credit to benefit private projects into their state constitutions. Cities had fallen all over themselves hoping to be part of the next expansion of the railroad system and they lent their credit to projects that ultimately failed. The founders were determined that it never happen again.

Fast forward to the recent past and you’ll find a similar saga playing itself out in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. A billionaire from Microsoft, Paul Allen, buys up acres of property in the funky industrial dead-zone of South Lake Union with an eye toward developing the

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