CFP: Consumer Culture Theory 2014

Critical Research in Consumer Culture

CCT 2014

Helsinki Finland, June 26th-29th

Call For Participation

Submissions Deadline: January 15th, 2014

Notification of Accepted Works: March 30th, 2014

“The map precedes the territory.” – Jean Baudrillard

Mapping Consumer Culture: Latitudes, Legends and Declination

Latitude: 1. north-south position on the surface of the Earth; 2. width, breadth; 3. freedom of movement or choice.

Legend: 1. the key to understanding symbols on a map; 2. a story from the past, typically of an unverifiable nature.

Declination: 1. the difference in degrees between true north and magnetic north as indicated by the needle of a compass; 2. a descent or decline.

As explorers and theorists of consumer culture, CCT scholars reside and work on six continents among people as varied as the topographies they inhabit. From rustic villages to swarming cities we are cartographers of human experience as it relates to markets and consumption. As such we rely on existing…

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