Anthropocene: New Temporalities, New Spatialities

Post by Helen Pallett

It is perhaps self-evident that the advent of the Anthropocene, or at least its announcement, urges us to think deeply about time. Thinking the Anthropocene is simultaneously to situate human society in the context of deep geological time, to draw attention to the rapid changes wrought on earth processes in the comparative “blink of an eye” of human history, and also to consider the “event” that heralds the start of this new geologic era. Geographers have long argued that temporalities are irrevocably and complicatedly intertwined with, among other things, different spatialities. So what are the emerging spaces and spatialties that we might associate with the Anthropocene? Is there anything new here? And what do these spatialities mean for how we might understand and live in the Anthropocene?

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