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The books published by semiotext(e) (distributed by the MIT Press) are never disappointing. the Intervention series in particular, started a propos by the Coming Insurrection, succeeds to produce strong manifestos through the writings of Gerald Raunig (see previous article), Tiqqun, Paul Virilio, Jean Baudrillard etc. and more recently Franco “Bifo” Berardi in his book, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance (thank you Greg). The latter is dedicated to a sharp description of the financialization of the world as well as the development of a revolutionary weapon against it: poetry.

Both of those antagonisms have the particularity of belonging in the domain of semiotics – which makes this book perfect for this publisher – and, although they do not seem to have much in common, they can take their part in what I call, the semio-war.

I want to understand the process of dissolution that is underway from the…

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