SLU Warehouses?

A headline from the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Vulcan: Applications to build warehouses are placeholders for bigger projects

I looked around the DPD site for some information or renderings, to no avail. This is funny indeed, but as Mark Stiles writes for the PSBJ:

Steinbrueck said he knows Vulcan would not build such a tiny project on such valuable property, but said Vulcan’s latest application “sort of sends a message that, ‘If we don’t get our towers, this is what we’ll build there – shoddy little one-story structures.’”

The tension between the city and developer is palpable in this situation — with the developer saying they only filed for the permits because they made a promise to do so eleven years ago — and I think it shows the way the municipal government is expected to play handmaiden to the developers (see this well-written and insightful letter by Dan Bertolet for another expression of this same expectation, though his is founded on the practical issue of densification in the actually existing political economic regime).

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