Lazzarato — The Making of the Indebted Man

Coming off of reading Nomad Citizenship last quarter, and thinking about Lazzarato’s writing on immaterial labor this summer, I was fortunate enough this afternoon to come across a guy reading this:


Based on the publisher’s description, it seems like it would fit in really well with Holland’s ideas about minor marxism — specifically its three dependencies: work, consumption, and debt, all of which I mention here and here.

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One Response to Lazzarato — The Making of the Indebted Man

  1. Definitely! Something interesting, Lazzarato claims to be anti-Marxist. This comes out most strongly in Révolutions du Capitalisme. Yet, when one looks closely, it appears that they’re so incredibly marxist that he’s either quibbling with the French and Italian academic-political scene, or he’s trying be to explicitly post-Marxist.

    Lazzarato’s a bit uninventive when it comes to actually-existing political examples (for instance the federated “coordinations” that were meant to replace unions as syndicalist action groups), but his theory is extensive, top-notch, and updates a lot of Deleuze’s more philosophical references.

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