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What is alternative? What is anti-?

Citing Gibson-Graham, Eugene Holland argues, “economic activity takes many different forms, even “under” or “within” capitalism, and many of them are in fact non-capitalist, if not explicitly anti-capitalist.” To this end, slow-motion general strike—a strike that is directed “against capitalist industry as a whole” and all aspects of social life—is predicated largely for Holland upon “people gradually extricating themselves from dependence on capitalist markets , goods, and means of life, by instead relying on and further developing alternative means of life. In other words, slow-motion strike takes advantage of and continues to develop the non- and anti-capitalist forms of life of which Gibson-Graham speak. If the ultimate goal of minor Marxism and of slow-motion strike is to evacuate our dependency on capital logic “until a tipping-point or bifurication-point is reached where capitalist markets begin to starve and then eventually wither away,” thereby reversing the…

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