New Capitalisms I

Conscious Capitalism — note that this is trademarked term.

While making money is essential for the vitality and sustainability of a business, it is not the only or even the most important reason a business exists. Conscious businesses focus on their purpose beyond profit.

We all need meaning and purpose in our lives. It is one of the things that separates us from other animals. Purpose activates us and motivates us.  It moves us to get up in the morning, sustains us when times get tough and serves as a guiding star when we stray off course.  Conscious Businesses provide us with this sense of meaning and purpose.

By focusing on its deeper Purpose, a conscious business inspires, engages and energizes its stakeholders. Employees, customers and others trust and even love companies that have an inspiring purpose.


A new approach to solving social problems is needed, based on innovative partnerships between business, nonprofits and government. A group of wealthy entrepreneurs and business leaders is increasingly taking the initiative in creating these innovative new solutions. Rejecting the idea that business is about short-term profits, damn the consequences to society and the environment, these philanthrocapitalists think the winners from our economic system should give back and that business can ‘do well by doing good’.

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