Statewide Innovation

As I make my way through some literature on the innovation economy, I’m also trying to connect it to what is actually happening in Washington State that affects South Lake Union. One of the most interesting programs I’ve found thus far is the Innovation Partnership Zone program. From the page linked to above:

Collaboration and innovation are the dual roads that lead to success in the marketplace. Recognizing the power of partnering with like minded companies and individuals, Washington has launched Innovation Partnership Zones (IPZ) around the state.

Businesses wanting to do business here have the option of locating in one of these zones, which offers a unique environment that brings research, workforce training and private sector businesses together in close geographical proximity to create new companies, products and jobs.

IPZs are set up by cluster, including aerospace, clean energy, global health, medical devices, interactive media, water management and even wine and hospitality. Each IPZ is sited to take advantage of the region’s pool of talent, resources and entrepreneurism.

For businesses, IPZs can be a smart business move. Each IPZ offers university researchers who work closely with their private sector partners to develop prototypes, incubate start-ups, develop critical training programs and pool best practices in order to blaze new trails in innovation.

South Lake Union is designated a Global Health IPZ and has four objectives:

1) Facilitate opportunities for member institutions to partner for research education and program collaborations.

Goal: Build awareness and create opportunities to share information and capitalize on partner strengths to develop initiatives to further missions.

2) Engage, educate and inspire the general public about global health while increasing awareness of South Lake Union IPZ global health institutions activities and accomplishments and impact with key influential audiences.

Goal: Increase visibility through a statewide campaign to increase public awareness about the value and potential of the global health sector.

3) Increase education and mentoring activities

Goal: Washington State becomes known as the “global health education state” because global health is taught on a continuum from elementary through post-graduate studies.

4) Increase economic and commercialization opportunities in the global health sector

Goal: Identify the opportunities for supporting the attraction, growth and expansion of businesses, non-profits and philanthropy to enhance and expand our global health community.

There are quite a few other documents about this stuff I’m just now uncovering, both at the state and local levels. I’ll upload them in a group when I think I have all the bases covered.

Then there are these images from the WA state websites, for my visual archive:



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