John Protevi on ‘How to begin reading Deleuze’

My path is much more disjointed and less cohesive, but is, of course, still a work in progress. I read:
1) “Postscript on Societies of Control” in a class, alongside Part 3 (Discipline) of Discipline and Punish.
2) Anti-Oedipus in my reading group; we read it in four installations, corresponding to each chapter.
3) A Thousand Plateaus, both on my own in preparation for my general exam and with the group.
4) Deleuze’s lecture notes on Spinoza’s concept of affect (from webdeleuze)
5) Portions of the two Spinoza books while I was taking a seminar on the Ethics.
6) Portions of Cinema 1 while preparing to write my paper for the Deleuze Studies conference.
7) Around the same time I also read Guattari’s “Ritornellos and Existential Affects” essay and Massumi’s chapter “The Autonomy of Affect.”
Update: after reading Cheryl’s post I remembered that I also read What is Philosophy? somewhere along the way…for some reason, this one doesn’t stick to my ribs. I think the main reason for this is that I wasn’t ready for it.

Progressive Geographies

John Protevi offers some good advice at New APPS. He starts with Deleuze’s book Spinoza: Practical Philosophy and then offers suggestions for primary and secondary literature.

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