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Foucault and Neoliberalism – a few thoughts in response to the Zamora piece in Jacobin

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:

FoucaultI’ve been away, but several people have been sending me links to a recent string of articles on Foucault’s supposed sympathies to neoliberalism. The start of the debate – in English at least – was the translation of an interview with Daniel Zamora at Jacobin. The interview relates to a book entitled Critiquer Foucault: Les années 1980 et la tentation néolibérale which has just been published. Clare O’Farrell rounds up the key pieces at Foucault News.

The book is a collective work, edited by Zamora. I’ve not read it yet, and suspect that very few of those commenting on it have either. Anything said now is necessarily provisional.

The first thing that struck me was the question – is this news? Foucault’s 1979 lectures on neoliberalism – the misnamed The Birth of Biopolitics – have been widely available for a decade. They were first published in French…

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Fish factory?

From Central Puget Sound’s Regional Economic Strategy (7):

“Puget Sound’s maritime heritage and connections to Alaska have helped the region keep strong ties to the water and its related industries. The $5 billion local maritime industry is poised for increased opportunities due to pending fishing fleet upgrades and advances in fish factory design.”

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Neil Brenner, ‘Urban Governance – But at What Scale?’ – video from Urban Age Governing Urban Futures conference

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:

Neil Brenner, ‘Urban Governance – But at What Scale?’, Urban Age Governing Urban Futures conference, Delhi (via Multipliciudades).

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Reading Read

Originally posted on PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR:

Jason Read (U. of Southern Maine) has two pieces up: one at the LARB on Spinoza, Marx, and the “Willing Slaves” of Capitalism, the other at his blog examining Pierre Macherey’s Le sujet des norms (2014). About Macherey, best known for his work growing out of his early relationship to Althusser as well as on Spinoza and Hegel, he writes:

Le Sujet des normes is in some sense  Macherey’s return to the series of problems and provocations that defined his entry in philosophy, the problems of theorizing the specific political and social problems of capital, a return after a long series of detours into Spinoza, Hegel, and the history of French philosophy, utopian thought, etc., and it bears the fruits of all of not only those detours (Spinoza and Hegel are used sparingly in this book, but at important junctures), but of an expansive sense of intellectual…

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Keith Harris:

I don’t know the background story of this (yet), but the image is amazing.

Originally posted on Deterritorial Investigations Unit:

From the occupation at the University of Warwick:


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Sartre refuse le Nobel de littérature en 1964

Keith Harris:

Bookmarking this to translate into English soon…

Originally posted on rhizomiques:

En 1964, Sartre écrit et publie Les Mots. Peu de temps avant d’être annoncé officiellement la rumeur court que Jean Paul Sartre allait recevoir le prix Nobel, Sartre écrivait alors le 14 octobre 1964 une lettre d’excuses au secrétaire de l’académie Nobel.
Monsieur le Secrétaire,
D’après certaines informations dont j’ai eu connaissance aujourd’hui, j’aurais cette année quelques chances d’obtenir le prix Nobel. Bien qu’il soit présomptueux de décider d’un vote avant qu’il ait eu lieu, je prends à l’instant la liberté de vous écrire pour dissiper ou éviter un malentendu. Je vous assure d’abord, Monsieur le secrétaire, de ma profonde estime pour l’académie suédoise et le prix dont elle a honoré tant d’écrivains. Toutefois pour des raisons qui me sont personnelles et pour d’autres qui sont plus objectives, je désire ne pas figurer sur la liste des lauréats possibles et je ne peux ni ne veux, ni en 1964, ni…

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